Lightning Returns Pre-Order Bonus

Cloud Lightning

SquareEnix just isn’t even trying to be original anymore.



Ok so admittedly I’m kind of excited for this. I don’t have any plans to pre-order but it still looks cool. So far it appears this is just a general pre-order bonus not any type of exclusive which is nice. From what we now it’s more than just aesthetic, the uniform and Buster sword will have their own unique abilities. Enjoy it everyone since this is as close we will ever get to a Final Fantasy VII remake, not that I’m shedding any tears over that but I know a lot of people will be. Cloud Retu-LIGHTNING! Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out February 11 2014 in North America and February 14 in Europe.



  1. Fan Fic club will have a field day with this. you wanted a female Cloud? screw cross dressing here’s an actual woman in Cloud’s shoes!

    Oh Squenix….


    1. They may have very well unleashed a whole world of fan fic nightmares with this one. Then again most things do. Meh if it makes the writers happy! hahaha

      –Kafka Luck

  2. I thought it was cool. Never wanted a female Cloud, but a tribute to my favourite FF game besides Tactics is always welcome in my book. However if they would have given her a gun arm…

    1. Totally agree, I blame The Spirits Within film debacle. I think it made Square afraid and they focused more on trends and marketing than just trying to make something good. A weird fear of failure.

      –Kafka Luck

  3. Square Enix is not trying to be original… Or they are appealing to fans of the series? I think it’s more of the latter since, ya’ know, people love VII and all..

    1. That’s very true but you have to admit they’ve been milking VII for a long time. I know it’s a fan favorite and all, and this is a cool thing for them to do but it was 1997. What have they done for us lately? hahaha

      –Kafka Luck

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