Grand Theft Auto Online


Rockstar has a new trailer out for Grand Theft Auto Online, an online multiplayer-ery The Sims celebration of all things wonderful. Check out the Trailer: 

This is looking incredibly impressive for something that’s coming free with Grand Theft Auto V. GameSpot has a sweet rundown on all the features and is well worth a look. Basically this is going to be much more of an MMO than just your simple multiplayer modes. With a living, breathing world that has all the areas available in Grand Theft Auto V and from what it sounds like massive expansions in the future. And the best part? No online pass! It’s apparently going to be just like any other multiplayer mode, pop in GTA 5 and select Online, pretty sweet deal.  The only downside is that GTA Online launches October 1st while GTA 5 comes out September 17th. So, while you won’t be able to access this day 1, it’s not like the Grand Theft Auto series is known for skimping on content. It really looks like the ol’ 360 is going out with a bang.



  1. This looks awesome. My only problem is that it’s not Saints Row. I like my crime to be much more juvenile, and more a reflection of pure id. GTA has always been just a little bit to well rationalized in it’s story telling for me to ever actually enjoy any of them.

    1. This online addition sounds amazing. This is what I’ve always wanted from my GTA multiplayer. I’m still more of a Saints Row guy. I like my sandbox games to be a little less serious.

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