Nerd Wars! Are People That Excited for Mega Evolutions?

This week’s round of Nerd Wars! is going to be a simple one. As many of you already know, it was recently announced that Pokemon X and Y will be introducing “Mega Evolutions.” These are essentially battle-specific evolutions that grant special moves and powers. To put it simply, your Pokemon go Super Saiyan. We love Pokemon. That is a stone cold fact. We just wanna know; is this something everyone is really excited about or is it kind of a cop-out?

Let us know how you feel about this. It seems to be “kind of a big deal” around the internet these days and we’re curious to know what you folks think. If you haven’t seen anything on “Mega Evolutions,” here are a couple videos showcasing this new feature. 


Are you excited yet?


How about now?

You can see Mega Evolutions for yourself when Pokemon X and Y launch on October 12, 2013.



  1. Anyone who has been a fan of Pokémon and Digimon and grew up on the shows have been waiting for pseudo crossover like this. though Digimon is a thing of the past it was a great part of most kids while growing up in the 90s. this has been on my wish list for a very long time.

    Se my post on how this is a good thing at

    Sorry Mileson, I plugged a bit.

    This is a fantastic addition and I’m really excited to see who else will be a Megamon.


    – Kaxzc

    1. Oh Digimon… How I loved thee…. But it’s impossible to compete with the might Pokemon. I love the series and I’m excited to see this new dynamic in the battle system. I’ve played every Pokemon so far and I don’t plan on stopping now.

      #shameless-self-promotion lol

      1. Never going to stop playing those games. I was there…

        (cue Warcraft cinematic theme)
        when the Forces of Team rocket threatened the piece of our world.

        we stood strong as the Land and the sea fought to swallow all of creation.

        We battle the gods as the corrupted Team Galactic tried to obliterate time and space.

        We fought against Ghetsis as he tried to rule the weak with the iron fist of his OP Hydragon (and yes that dragon was a pain in the but to defeat)

        now we stand a border of a new adventure in eye melting 3D!!!

        well if that isn’t a trailer idea I don’t know what is.

        – Kaxzc

      2. *stands up and starts a slow clap*

        “I was there!”

        *Thousands of others begin standing up and chanting*

        “We were there!”

        *An epic explosion reveals Mega Mr Mime and the screen fades to black*

        I think you’re on to something here…

      3. It just seemed to fit so well hahaha.

        Our comic for this Monday involves Mega Evolutions and I don’t wanna spoil anything, but let’s just say we are going to reveal the greatest MegaMon ever…

      4. I concerned about the share button. It feels like Im taking without permission…

        Hey I saw that Shameless Self Promotion from a mile away! lol

        – Kaxzc

      5. Lol yeah, in this business it’s a must! We don’t mind reblogging, but we’d prefer it if people shared the link on Facebook and Twitter and what have you. 😉

      6. I’ve been meaning to find you on Facebook. haven’t been on in ages. my homework for tonight.

        – Kaxzc, (possibly Milesons number one acquaintance on the Interwebs)

      7. Thanks. I would prefer to keep my personal name anonymous on the blog for now but I might (strongly considering it) take you up on that offer.

        – Kaxzc

      8. I totally understand that man. The government and God knows who else already has all my info, so I don’t care as much anymore lol

  2. As long as its balanced I okay with it, but while I enjoy the games I’m not too bothered either way. I still going to get the games (well one version of them at least).

    I can’t help thinking that Mawile and Absol really just needed to have actual evolutions though. The poor underused critters.

    1. That’s pretty much how I feel. I would buy the game with or without that feature. It’s not necessarily something that is making more excited about the game, but it might end up being really cool.

      I really want to see some classic Pokemon get the mega treatment.

  3. we realy did’nt know what was under a dugtrio. but thanks to mega evolution we do now…3 pairs of balls 1 pair for each dug

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