And the Winner Is…

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Last week we hosted our Krater Co-Op Giveaway. You folks brought the “heat” and shared some truly moving tales of bromance on the bro-op stage, but as you all know… there can be only one, Highlander! 

After much deliberation and a few rounds of fisticuffs, we chose our winning response. Mr. John Heatz inspired us with an epic underdog story set in the world of a cutthroat MMO. So sit back, close your eyes,  and actually don’t close your eyes, you will need those to read his comment.

My best co-op (well, if it counts as it, because it is from an MMORPG game) experience was some years ago, while I was still a Shaiya player. I was in this PvP guild called BornToKill (BTK), I’ve always been a tank when it comes to RPG games, so we gather up together, we were 6 -including myself- and went to a PvP map called “Deep Desert 1″. There, just right out of our portal, there was the other faction’s raid, 30 of them against 6 of us…oh gosh…that couldn’t be good, could it? Well, we went out, me (tank), a healer, 3 fighters and an archer against 30 people, and no, they weren’t noobs, that raid was formed by the top pvpers from their faction. Well, we fought all night long, died quite a lot of times at the beginning, but we got well organized, with our healer and myself doing our jobs (hers was to keep us alive, mine to give us protection, and survive the longest) we ended up neutralizing them, until they finally quit, and after we got our couple thousand kills as a raid!

Doesn’t it just bring a tear to your eye? If you’re interested in hearing more tales of wonder from Mr. Heatz, be sure to stop by his personal gaming blog.

Let’s give a big round of applause for everyone who participated in this giveaway. We hope to host another one very soon, so be sure to tell your friends about “this totally radtastic, broganic, fever-inducing, gaming website that gives away a ton of sweet stuff.” Come visit us on Facebook and Twitter. We’re nice and fun to talk to. Oh yeah, and we smell pretty good too.



  1. oh hey! That’s awesome!!! Nice birthday gift for me (well, one week before the day though), knowing that I never win anything hahaha!

    Glad you guys liked the experience, I’ll never forget that day, was simply awesome to beat them while we were really…reaaaaally outnumbered!


    1. Well an early “Happy Birthday” to you sir! Hope you and a buddy will get some quality time out of this game.

      Thanks again for stopping by and participating. We love hearing outrageous gaming stories like this.

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