Nerd Wars! Who Do You Most Want to See in the Killer Instinct Reboot?

Earlier this week, we received specific price and release information for the Xbox One exclusive, Killer Instinct. There will be six characters at launch and two more due in February or March of 2014. The confirmed roster so far is Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, and it’s almost guaranteed that Fulgore will make the cut. This only leaves three slots available. There were eleven playable characters in the original Killer Instinct. So that brings us to this week’s round of Nerd Wars! We want to know which character you most want to see make a return to Killer Instinct?



  1. Black Orchid, who was the only female character from the original title.

    Not having her in KI would be like having a Street Fighter title without Chun-Li.

    1. I’d honestly be shocked if Black Orchid wasn’t in the new game. Black Orchid was every eight-year-olds dreams woman. It just wouldn’t be the same game.

  2. No surprise that the hot girl is leading the poll hehe. She would rank as an eight on the dickster scale. It’s a little lame that a modern game is being released with less characters than the original though.

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