Xbox One Voice Chat: Hear the Difference

Microsoft has promised that quality of voice chat on the Xbox One will be much higher than that of the Xbox 360, but just how much better is it? Significantly. Come take a listen. 

The Xbox Live “Party System” has one of the best chat interfaces in gaming, but the quality has always been lacking. A new partnership with Skype promises to bring crisp, clean audio to Xbox One chat. There will also be “dedicated audio processing for both multiplayer chat and Skype conversations.”

Today Microsoft released audio samples of the differences between chat on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The new headset and controller capture audio at 24KHz PCM, which is 50% higher than the Xbox 360 headsets. Hear the difference for yourself below.

There is an obvious difference in quality. This will be a welcomed feature for Xbox One gamers. There are currently no plans to update the audio quality for folks using the Xbox 360, so you will need the new console and headset to take advantage of these improvements.

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      1. Everything’s crappy once you have heard the most beautiful thing in the world, and until you have heard something more beautiful then that you realize that the last thing was crappy, this will go on forever until we are burnt to a crisp by the sun. We’re screwed.

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