Mileson Plays DreadOut


I can’t get enough survival-horror. In my never-ending quest to play all things scary, I stumbled upon the Indonesian ghost game, DreadOut, which many claim to be “the scariest game ever made.” I decided to put that statement to the test. 


I definitely wouldn’t call DreadOut the scariest game ever made. It has some legitimately creepy elements, but it’s just nothing we haven’t seen before. The creators took The Grudge and Fatal Frame and turned it into a modern horror game. The game’s flow and controls were both a little lacking and some of the puzzles seemed really obscure. The candle bit at the end was a real stretch.  Apparently these apparitions are based off actual Indonesian legends, so I could imagine this would make things much more suspenseful if you were familiar with these tales or lived in the area.

I hope you guys enjoyed the stream. I plan to do them on a regular basis and I think I’ll keep the horror train-a-rollin’ with Outlast for my next stream. Be sure to check out our Twitch channels and give us a follow!

I Mileson I


    1. Hahaha I know! That’s how I felt the whole time! Someone puts their hand on my shoulder and I turn around… and it’s that damn bug! MY GOD!!!!!!!

  1. I love that the thumbnail is you taking a photo of a woman’s behind. And there seems to be a lot of light on your face cam telling me you didn’t play it properly. In the dark at night.

    – Kaxzc

    1. Stay classy San Diego… But yeah, I didn’t play it the dark like a real man. I have to work my stream schedule around work and the lady, so this was the best I could do lol.

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