Save the Trauma for Yo Momma

Yes, this is based off a true story. Your old pal Kafka Luck was kicked in the chest by a man dressed as Yogi Bear when he was a small child. He’s had an irrational fear of mascots ever since. Will Kafka Luck conquer his fear? Will Mr. What’s Your Tag? stick around? Will N’Sync ever put out another album? Find out the answers to all of theese questions in next week’s exciting comic!



Written by What's Your Tag?

We do the games and the comics and what-have-you.


  1. Droning on about JRPG’s is also my thing too. although I can go on for hours about World of Warcraft. RPG’s are the best. Ive been getting into Spectacle Fighters and I’m loving it.

    – Kaxzc

      1. The delicious Hype punch that makes cynical people like me roll their eyes most of the time?
        I have a friend who does that and it drives me up a wall.
        He’s so impatient and desperate to know about Pokemon X and Y that hes believing blog rumors. each time hes says “So I read a rumor…” I want to flatten him into the ground.
        him: “Theyre going to announce another eevee evolution along with Sylveon!”
        Me: they would’ve done that already with Sylveon.
        He goes on and on
        I’m smart enough not to waste time on rumors. A skill you get from playing World of Warcraft.


        – Kaxzc

  2. I’ve heard of fear of clowns, but never fear of mascots. That’s unfortunate. All it takes is a traumatic event from your childhood to scar you for life. Great comic as always!

    1. A giant Yogi Bear kicking anyone in the chest would be pretty horrifying, even as an adult haha. Thank you very much for the kind words!

  3. Gotta love your funny comics!

    I nominated you guys for the WordPress Family Award, Your posts add positively to my WordPress experience. I don’t know if this award is official or not, or how the heck you win it, but I think you deserve it never the less.

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