Resident Evil 2 IRL!


As part of their traditional Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Orlando is going to have a Resident Evil 2 and 3 themed maze! The maze will have you on the run from old favorites such as Lickers, Cerberus Dogs, and even Nemesis. Check out the trailer:

Capcom Unity blog also has some sweet pics




Halloween Horror Nights 23 goes on from this Friday, September 20th until November 2nd so if you’re in the area be sure to check it out. I know if I was around there I’d definitely be doing some cosplay as Clai-CHRIS! Redfield hahaha Chris Redfield not Claire hahaha… no… ha… sigh.

(h/t MTV Multiplayer Blog)



  1. The only way that they could of made this horror more horrific was if it ended with people being forced to watch all the Paul W.S. Anderson movies back to back.

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