Final Fantasy Trifecta

final fantasy 15

We’ve got three new trailers from Square-Enix all for Final Fantasy games coming out of the Tokyo Game Show

First up we’ve got a new trailer for the upcoming HD remasters for Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X2.

Both are looking pretty good although I have always felt Final Fantasy X was were the series started going off the rails. Not to say there’s anything wrong with it, it’s a solid game but the cracks were forming in the foundation. Next up, we have a new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

If Final Fantasy X was the cracks, I really felt as though Final Fantasy XIII was when the roof came crashing down. Which is why it’s so weird that the more I see of Lighting Returns the better it looks. I wish I could I explain it, just something about it makes me think they fixed all the problems found in XIII. And that brings us to the heavy, a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV!

While there is only a little bit of new footage with the rest recycled it should be remembered we all went years without even a few seconds of anything concerning this game. So thumbs up to Square-Enix for at least throwing us a bone.



  1. Final Fantasy X-2 is the last Final Fantasy game I enjoyed. Granted, I have a healthy appreciation for kitsch. One of my favorite not-so-guilty pleasure movies is Charlie’s Angels (Lucy Liu, Drew, Cameron D…) and FFX-2 combined two of my favorite things at that time period: JRPGs and American throwback kitsch. I know all the words to a couple of the pop songs in X-2. Thinking of that game makes me warm and happy on the inside.

    I won’t be buying this remaster though. I still own my PS2 copies and don’t need to pay Squeenix for a slight graphics upgrade.

    No comment yet on FFXV. I like umbrellas, so it has that going for it, I guess.

    1. Kitsch is always fun. Yeah that’s kind of the double edge sword of things like this. It’s a cool idea and I love that people who missed these games the first time but I’ve still my PS2 as well, hell I still had a working gameboy color until a few months ago. There’s always something comforting about the old favorites.

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