Nerd Wars! What Next-Gen Game Are You Most Excited For?

A new generation of gaming fast approaches. In just a few short months we shall have new consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One open up a whole new world of possibilities for console games. There are over 30 next-gen games scheduled to be released in November alone and many more are scheduled to release in early 2014. For this week’s round of Nerd Wars!, we want to know which game has you the most excited about next-gen gaming? 

In case you’ve forgotten what exactly is coming out for next-gen consoles, here are the launch lists for both the Xbox One and PS4:


Xbox One

ps4 flash console banner

Playstation 4

This massive list only includes the games scheduled for the console launches. There are may other exciting projects in the works. It’ll be truly exciting to see what developers come up create with this powerful, new hardware.

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    1. The Division looks insane. That’s one I’ll definitely be following. I think I’m most excited for Titanfall. It’s a very ambitious looking shooter.

      1. I hear ya there! I’m not that much into FPS games though, I passed that stage of my gamer life quite some years ago! I’ll always prefer TPS games! And even more one that combines TPS, RPG, MMO, and tactical aspects!

      2. I’m in the same boat. My FPS ship has sailed far into the see, but I’m hoping Titanfall re-sparks my lost love. I can’t even look at Call of Duty anymore…

      3. Hahaha! Exactly…. Every year another 13 year old was having sex with my mom and I just couldn’t take it anymore…

  1. My partner & I have pretty much decided that we’re getting the PS4 (we’re done with the Xbox) and out of the launch releases, Assassin’s Creed 4 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be our first buys (though by the time we get a PS4, there may be other games out). I’m also looking forward to the upcoming Tomb Raider sequel (so long as it’s less Call of Duty and more Tomb Raidery) and I’m praying for an Uncharted 4. ^_^

    1. I’m sure an Uncharted game is in the works as we speak haha. I’ve always been a sucker for the Lego games, so I’m sure I’ll pick up Marvel Super Heroes as well.

      I shall be rocking the BroBox, however.

      1. The BroBox is a way better name than the XBox One (Or Xbone). Microsoft have missed an opportunity there…

        Those Lego games are awesome. They’re aimed at kids but I think the 30+ crowd get the most fun out of them. Looking forward to arguing with my SO over who gets to play Wolvie or Deadpool.. :-p

      2. Microsoft just needs to cater to it’s bro fanbase. Include free Mountain Dew and Axe body spray with every console purchase.

        I’d go Wolvie all the way.

  2. I can’t choose one so I’ll choose 3:

    -The Division

    All on the PC of course! I lean more towards the PS4 though if I had to choose since I’m not a fan of the 360’s controller or the Xbox One’s version of the same thing.

    1. You’re insane when it comes to controllers, but I respect your opinion. But I am right there with you on those games. All three look incredible. I’m hoping Titanfall rekindles my love for a good FPS.

  3. pokemon generation 6. pokemon is the 2nd top selling franchise. 22 more days left until i get y and my bulbasaur and froakie will be awsome. get it ,next gen, generation 6 is next, lol

    1. Hahaha, oh yeah! You clever son of a gun! I’m pretty pumped to get down on some Poke Action! I will also be choosing Froakie, but I’m not sure who my other choice will be.

      1. well good sir it seems that what ever you go for dont chose charmander i wasnt around to experiance gen 1 or 2 but i know squitle is the best but i was going to chose chespin and then bulbasaur comes around and well didnt want to have 2 grass types and a fire type because of the torchic event and also because of chespins evolution i just went no just…no. oh yeah check out there evolutions

      2. All my buddies always chose Charmander. I always went with Squirtle, but it might be a little crazy to go with two water type starters, but then again I do love Squirtle.

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