GTA V: The $1,000,000,000 Game!


It looks like Grand Theft Auto V has been a huge flop in that it has only made all the money ever. Ok that’s not exactly true but…

Take Two Interactive released a statement confirming that GTA V has made $1 billion dollars in only 3 days. This is the fastest an entertainment property has made that much money according the press release. So congrats to the whole team!

While the game has been hyped quite a bit, it remains to be seen if it is any good. Most reviews are glowing with a 98 out 100 on Metacritic, but there is only one reviewer I care about… Conan O’Brien:

(h/t JoyStiq)



  1. I have only been through like 12% of the game, but it is a really big game! The map is pretty big and really hard to remember. I still have not discovered the whole map if not half. The thing I like about the game is the amount of detail they put in it. If you look really closely to how much detail they put on the small things, it makes you say wow. For example, hitting a car in the same spot will continuously dent, all the dirt that is on the cars going through the desert, or reflections off of semi trucks to reflections off of rims. The story is quite fun and interesting so far, even though I am not that far into it, I like how each individual character has their own set of weapons, money, skills, and cars. You can also store cars either at your safe house or at a garage. One thing I noticed is how hard it is to get money, you do get some money for the missions, but I have yet to unlock all the “other missions” that could get you more. Buying cars, houses, bikes, helicopters, or planes are all really expensive! I can’t wait for the online to come out to complete the GTA V experience, however I hope they update it too to fix a few problems. They said that the cops wouldn’t use lethal force for low end crimes, but you rarely see cops in this game unless someone catches you committing a crime and they call the cops on you. They cops go out guns blazing for one star. I guess you could get busted in the game somehow but that hasn’t happened to me yet. They have added so much to this game with a few bugs that could be fixed being that it just came out. Despite that I feel that this game is worth a try if you are a true GTA fan.

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