Grand Theft America

Grand Theft America

Playing Grand Theft Auto does not make you a murderer. Any person, child or adult, who cannot understand the differences between a fictional piece of entertainment and reality has some other serious psychological problems. Mental disorders are incredibly complicated and we shouldn’t be shoving the blame onto a video game for something we don’t understand. We should be celebrating the outstanding success of a game hundreds of people put thousands of hours into, instead of labeling it as the root of all violence.



  1. Dude anyone with any sense knows that crime is caused by factors like unemployment, poverty and peer pressure, but blaming video games is easy and politicians don’t have to take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof in the breakdown of a society.

    1. So well said, and I love this comic, too… but I doubt people will ever realize that. That said, gamers don’t need to go around convincing anyone. The facts are on our side in this. If anything, violent crimes have significantly dropped in the last couple of years, though whether it’s people becoming better or just lazier is up to debate – but hey, even lazy and apathetic is better than crime.

      One thing that also needs to be addressed is, like the post said, more research and funding should go to the research and treatment of mental illnesses. They’re another factor, and people can’t be just *turned* violent by video games – and blaming video games is really stupid when you consider how violent entertainment has always been. Look at Shakespeare! People getting murdered horribly there.

      Having said that, for just variety reasons, I wish there were more non-violent games. Yeah, there are a lot of those, I know, but even less gory games usually have more cartoonish violence – and what do you think happens to all those Goomba you squish? ๐Ÿ˜€

      Either way, people who seriously think video games cause violent crime just need to face reality.

      1. Thank you very much for the kind words and your thoughts.

        There was actual a multi-million dollar study done several years ago, headed by none other than Hilary Clinton, that was trying to prove once and for all that video games do, in fact, make people violent. This study yielded no substantial results to support that claim. There was no direct correlation between video games and violent crimes.

        It’s such a media “hot-button” these days. With the growing popularity of video games it’s easy for someone uneducated in the matter to point the blame in our direction, but it’s a complicated problem that deserves a complicated and well-research answer.


      2. I’m not sure if anyone knows this but back in the fifties comic books were being blamed for the same influence on young people video games are today. People took seriously evidence that there was a link between crime perpetrated by young people and comic books. Everything repeats. It’s like we are stuck in a loop.

      3. That totally makes sense. Anything children enjoy that displays any type of violence must obviously create violence, right? Maybe one day we will progress beyond such simple minded arguments.

        Random fun fact: A Superman radio show was actually used as a way to deter people from joining the KKK. They turned their own children against them.

  2. I’m fairly certain the violent acts portrayed in these games were originally performed well before the game was actually made. Heck, if you want to see some truly horrific acts of violence, take a look at the “interrogation techniques” through history.

    My main complaint is that people still maintain the assumption that “video games are for kids” when this is simply not true. They have matured as an entertainment medium to align with the demands of a broader audience.

    Also, the maturity label is on there for a reason! Parents should try reading it occasionally!

    1. Exactly! I hate when I see little kids in the store asking their parents if they can have “Grand Theft Auto I, V.” If you don’t know what Roman numerals are, you’re too young to play Grand Theft Auto. Most of the time parents just ask “how much is it?” as opposed to “what’s it rated?”

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