Nintendo Direct October 1st

Nintendo has released another one of it’s 30 minute long Nintendo Directs! Check it out:


  1. I’m going to throw something…
    Oh look at the cosmetic shirt we came up with for new leaf doesn’t it look wonderful…NO!!!
    look at our new games for wii U
    Mario and Sonic Olympics /vomit
    Wii Party U …ugh
    Just Dance “Lets make more money again!”
    Assassins Creed Black Flag WOOT

    wait a minute. where’s Bayonetta 2? ROOOOOAAAAR

    Look at this RPG doesn’t it look cool?
    It does but wheres Pokรฉmon?
    Look at LoZ
    ok also cool but wheres pokemon?
    Look a Kirby game

    This was a bit of a let down…


    1. I think you’re burying the lead here, Pikmin 3 has some minor updates! In all seriousness, it is pretty close to launch time for Pokemon X and Y so I’d expect some trailers or at least something on the 10th or 11th. Best to wait and see, although Nintendo has been dropping the ball quite a bit lately so who knows?

      1. Bleh! Pikmin?! I’m anti Pikmin.
        “Dropping the ball” should be interpreted as “rolling down the hype lane covered in syrup”
        By know we would know more that the poultry info we know now on a knew Pokemon game. No other legendaries other than Yveltal and Xerneas have been announced not even the Mew of this generation has been announced! And that’s usually in the second wave of announcements! I’m used to something like this from Squenix not from GAMEFREAK.

        – Kaxzc

      2. Well actually Nintendo is trying to keep a lot stuff about Pokemon X and Y under wraps because for the first time the game is being released at the same time everywhere. So much so that when someone got a hold of Pokemon X and leaked some information they flew a representative out to and took back the copy. Heck, not even Serebii is allowed to post anything about the leaks.

      3. yeah i hope they at least give us version exclusive mega evolutions for venusaur and blastoise that would crush a small amount of peoples dreams like heres a little bit of scripting for x and y. “yes im gonna finally mega evolve my blastoise it will finally have an awesome 3rd cannon on its back.” 5 minutes later.” what the hell is this it walks on all 4 legs and what the hell is that a cannon and grenades as as its crotch why did i get x… y is better and it has perfume pokemon evolve into a hooker. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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