Charizard Gets the Mega Treatment!

mega charizard

Nintendo has just announced that Pokemon X and Y will feature Mega Charizard X, with a new trailer this morning:

It seems aside from the color difference, when Mega Charizard X evolves it also changes it’s type from Fire and Flying type to Fire and Dragon type.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y comes out October 12th, so let the 10 day countdown begin!

(h/t Kotaku)




  1. While I’m happy that Mega Charizard X will be dragon type, it annoys me too, because I was planning on getting Y… dammit, why do you have to make it so difficult Nintendo?

      1. This decision just got harder, I love cotton candy… maybe I should get some friends so I can trade with them! Also, Yveltal > Xerneas.

  2. IT”S ABOUT TIME! My Friend and I are debating how you obtain the Mega stone in question cause he likes Blastoise and I like Charizard. We are also concerned. Concerned that if Charizard and Mewtwo get Two Mega Evolutions, would Blastoise and Venasuar follow? What about the other announced Megamon’s? Will they have Two Mega Evolutions as well?
    Then what would happen in Z?

    So many unanswered questions that GAMEFREAK needs to touch on. That Tower of Mastery was briefly mentioned months ago and nothing else about it has been released. GAMEFREAK is hiding something really big about Kalos. Be it good or bad, we will know soon…

    – Kaxzc

    1. They are keeping things under wraps pretty heavily this time around. It will be the first Pokemon game to release simultaneously worldwide and they are trying to keep leaks to an absolute minimum.

      1. Ain’t that the truth! But the starters follow a new triad.
        Warrior – Chespin
        Mage – Fennikin
        Rogue – Froakie

        So those of us who have played medieval fantasy games like WoW and Dragon Age. Then you will probably go for your unique class

        – Kaxzc

  3. i wonder if blastoise and venusaur get 2 mega evolutions i just hope that if he does get 2 mega evolutions i get the venusaur that has the ability thick fat.

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