Nerd Wars! What is Your Favorite Pokemon?

We know what you’re thinking. “My favorite Pokemon? There’s like 600 of ’em, how can I only choose one?” We know it’s a tough choice, but deep down in your heart, there is one Pokemon that holds a special place. For this week’s round of Nerd Wars! all you need to do is dig it out and tell us your favorite Pokemon.

Super Saiyan Mega Evolution

Hopefully reading this comic made your decision a little easier. Farfetch’d is the greatest Pokemon of all time, so chances are, it’s probably your favorite. If our amazing logic still hasn’t convinced you, we’d love to hear about your favorite Pokemon. Even if it isn’t Farfetch’d…


  1. Pidgeot. Don’t know why. Maybe because it was my first Pokemon to learn Fly and Fly is the most useful things in the Pokeuniverse. I ALWAYS catch a Pidgey and evolve it.

  2. well i don’t know wigglytuff was my favourite but now I’m tided between 3 pokemon luxray, metagross and wigglytuff.

  3. Bidoof. Can’t beat him. Except maybe Salamence, he’s pretty cool, or Hydreigon, he’s three times cool!

  4. Yeah, I’m going to go with my favorite since gen one and now the name of my car. Charizard. I mean…I’ll take charmander and charmealon but Charizard is the best…especially Mega Charizard X…Dragon/Fire???! Yes. Heres my money.

  5. Arg! So difficult!

    Bulbasaur was my first and constant favorite, but that sort of includes its evolutions as a given.

    Chikorita and its evolutions are a close second for me.

    Evidently, I like grass pokemon. >.>

    – Britney

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