See You at IndieCade 2013

07222010_IndieCade_logoThis weekend is the fourth annual International Festival of Independent Games. For the last several years this conference has encouraged up-and-coming indie devs to come and showcase their talents. IndieCade encourages exploration and experimentation in the industry and this year I’m happy to say that I will be a part of that experience. 

The lineup for IndieCade 2013 is outstanding. In addition to a wide variety of networking events, tournaments, and general festivities, there is an absurd amount of games you can play alongside the developers. There are over 150 playable games to be showcased this year, including a large selection of IndieCade Award Winning Nominees. Realistically I won’t have time to play them all. I’m only human, but there are quite a few titles that I’m really excited about.

Daylight with Oculus VR


While Daylight isn’t necessarily considered an “indie” title, the experimentation with virtual reality is a very independent concept. I’ve been incredibly excited for an opportunity to experience the Oculus VR and now my dreams are finally coming true. The folks at Zombie Studios and Atlus are going to have a playable demo of Daylight that incorporates this new VR technology. For the first time ever, I will be completely immersed in a survival-horror game. Hopefully I don’t squeal like a little school girl…

Rogue Legacy


Rogue Legacy is one of those amazing little gems that just sort of snuck up on me. It popped up 40% off on Steam one day and on a whim, I picked it up. I absolutely loved it. It’s one of the best indie games of the year. It’s like Castlevania and Spelunky had a night of passionate love-making that spawned a game with the best traits from each of them. Even though I’ve played this game for many hours, I’m still really excited for the opportunity to talk with Cellar Door Games about this generally awesome title.

Super Time Force


Radical, tubular, bodacious, and gnarly are all fair words I’d use to describe Super Time Force. This is a game I’ve been eager to get my kitten mittens on. It’s been received very well at other conventions and it just looks rad. Capy Games is looking to shotgun blast a load of beautiful nostalgia into your face and I can’t wait for it.



I’ve heard so many amazing things about Towerfall. I haven’t shelled out the $99 for an Ouya yet, but I hear this is a must-have for folks who have. It focuses on local multiplayer matches and fast-paced combat. I sort of imagine this is what Super Smash Bros would like if it was made 20 years ago. Towerfall is making it’s way to PC’s in early 2014 and I’m interested to hear what changes are coming with the change in platform.

This is an incredibly small percentage of the games I will be checking out this year. Like I said before, there are over 150 playable games at IndieCade 2013 and I will be getting my hands on as many as I possibly can. I have a feeling my fingers might be bleeding by the end of weekend.

If you plan on attending IndieCade this weekend, hit me up! I will be there all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you want to meet up and talk about boys and stickers and ponies, shoot me an email at If you aren’t attending, but live in the LA area and wanna meet-up, you can also shoot me an email. Hopefully I see some of your beautiful faces at the festival!

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