Nerd Wars! What is Your Pokemon X/Y Party?

So I think we’ve all had plenty of time to sink numerous hours into Pokemon X and Y. Many of you have already conquered the elite four and have moved on to the daunting task of catching them all. In your journey, I’m sure you’ve formed special bonds with certain Pokemon and for this week’s round of Nerd Wars! we want to know who’s in your Poke party.

I’ll take a minute here and share my current party with you guys and gals as well.

  • FreddieGreninja
  • Quacklin’Farfetch’d (Farfetch’d til death motha fudgas)
  • GregSwalot
  • IslaMalamar
  • SweetumsSlurpuff
  • CharlieCharizard

This isn’t exactly my dream team, but this lineup has crushed the primary game. Right now I’m working on catching the remaining Pokemon for the unstoppable “Goon Squad,” which will consist of:

  • Slurpuff
  • Garbador
  • Vanilluxe
  • Farfetch’d
  • Stunfisk
  • Goodra

I’m a sucker for the outrageous Pokemon and I can’t wait to build a legit team with a group of underused underdogs. I’m just a Goodra away from having my perfect team.

For anybody interested, here is my 3DS friend code:

3737 – 9814 – 1361

Feel free to add me and share your friend codes below. The more the merrier when it comes to the new Safari Zone.

Feel free to share your current team and any plans for your “dream team.” I love talking Pokemon strategy, so feel free to go crazy with it. I’m always excited to hear about cool, unique lineups.

I Mileson I


  1. Just finished the eighth gym, and my team consists of my Greninja, Venusaur, Pidgeot, Chandelure, Pangoro and a female Pyroar. Pretty happy with it… Working on replacing my Chandelure so there’s no type overlap.

    1. Chandelure was one of my favorites of the last generation. That Ghost/Fire combo is pretty beastly. I’m thinking I might want a Pumpkaboo on my team this gen. I’m currently on victory road.

    1. That is a pretty solid lineup so far. You should be bringing the “heat.” Ba dooot tssss. You know, cuz all the fire Pokemon.

      When you say deer guy, do you mean deerling?

  2. Tyrantrum
    Charizard – Igneel – Charizardite X
    Delphox – Kitsune
    HM/TM: Noivern and Lapras

    When I get to the point where I feel I don’t need a legendary or HM “Slaves” (hate that term) I will big forth a mightier team.

    – Kaxzc

    1. Yeah, you need those HM’s to move the game along, but typical those moves are pretty lame. I’m going to experiment with a few of the newer fairy. Draining Kiss is probably one of the best moves in Pokemon. It’s got an equal damage to life steal ratio. If I crit for 70 with my Slurpuff, I’m getting all 70 HP back, it’s amazing.

      1. Yeah I’m thinking of experimenting with other newer Pokemon like Noivern and Avalugg. I’ve replaced Tyrantrum with Noivern and replaced the HM spot for Noivern with Quaklin’. And I’m leveling a Bergmite

      2. Noivern is insane! One of my buddies has one he fully EV trained that rocked my world when we battled last.

  3. I am still designing my first multiplayer team. So far I’ve got a Jolteon, a Scolipede, and a Garchomp. I am probably going to add a Noivern, Togekiss, and something else. I haven’t decided!

    1. Scolipede is super intense. He is a great poison type. I’ve got my Swalot fully EV trained and tanked out. I slap on some black sludge and just let the other Pokemon die from Poison damage.

      1. Hahaha I love being a condition team. I’m about dat Toxic. I also have a couple really fast Pokemon with Hypnosis/Sing, so even if I lose a battle at least I got to waste some of their time haha.

  4. 3411-0558-7018 🙂
    I’m only about to get my 6th badge, so I still got some ways to go.

    Right now I have:
    Amoonguss (Place holder : P)

    1. Sweet! I will add you to my friends list this evening. We can get down on some Poke battling.

      How are you liking Delphox? I’ve heard mixed things from a couple of my friends who chose Fennekin as a starter.

      1. Well about a couple hours in– I was tempted to start over and change to a different starter. Especially since I got the Torchic distribution. So much fire going on. 😛

        But so far Delphox seems fine. My male is going to have an identity crisis because it looks like a chic, though, haha.

        I’m partial to Psychic Pokemon, myself. Though if I magically went back in time, I probably would have picked Froakie instead.

        Battling wise I did not really like Fennekin/Evos until later. Now it’s okay.

      2. Yeah I was set on Froakie since they first announced the new Pokemon and then I saw his final evolution was a straight Ninja and I was like, yeah I made the right choice haha.

        I got the Torchic, but haven’t used it at all. For some reason I’ve been avoiding the fire Pokemon this time around. The only reason I have Charizard is because my other friends got Squirtle and Bulbasaur haha.

        I’m loving some of the new ghost combos in this game. I need to start working on my Pumpkaboo.

  5. My team consists of Charizard, Lucario, Gengar, Snorlax, Greninja and Yvelta. Right now I am working on beating the champion so my pokemon our between level 50 and level 70.

    1. Yeah I just got to Victory Road the day before yesterday and most of my team is right around 70. I was really excited to see a solid selection of first gen Pokemon in this game. Snorlax is a beast!

  6. Just about to challenge the elite 4. At the moment I have Chesnaught, Charizard/X, Helioptile, Tyrantrum, Dragalge and Xerneas (Pangoro usually replacing my highest level as I ran around, since he’s my false swiper/HMer). There was a lot of swapping though, I’ve been trying to evolve most of the new guys as I go along, and I was aware of how quickly guys levelled (I turned off the Exp share a few gyms ago, everyone’s around 60, so the elite 4/champion might be interesting).
    I’m thinking of changing over to an all-dragon team after the elite four, since there’s been a few more dragon combinations I’d like to try.

    1. EXP share is a God send for leveling Pokemon haha. I was so excited to see that added to the game in such a rewarding way. I’ve been swapping out a lot too this time around. I keep catching a new Pokemon and I’m like “ooooh, I wonder what this evolves into.”

      I’m at the elite four right meow, that should be finished in a few short hours.

      1. Hope it goes/went well =) I’ll add your friend code, do you need to know mine too, or will you get some kind of request?. I’ve not added people I haven’t met before, but the safari zone is a good reason to try.

  7. I’ve just today reached the Elite Four, yet to challenge them because I need to level up my team a bit as they’re between levels 55 and 65. Right now, I have Chesnaught, Charizard Y, Lapras, Pikachu, Reuniclus and Yveltal, although I’m gonna ditch Yveltal for a non-legendary at some point

    1. My time so far has been a little over leveled. I just got to the elite four last night and my team is all around lvl 75. Hopefully these guys don’t give me too much trouble.

      1. Last night I decided to go for it, for some reason the water one’s Starmie caused me trouble, it just kept killing me really quickly, but I still won first time! Good luck when you fight them, it’s not the hardest Elite Four ever though so you shouldn’t have a problem at all

      2. Yeah I rocked their world the other night. I defeated two entire leaders with only my Farfetchd haha. Now I’m grinding the Friend Safari trying to see what Pokemon I can find.


  8. I currently have Greninja (ninja frog how can you go wrong), Charizard (always a classic), Raichu (he was always cooler than Pikachu), Flygon (my favorite Dragon-type Pokemon), Mamoswine (because I had an empty spot), and Granbull (who I picked because I wanted a Fairy-type, but they’re all cute and I wanted an unconventional Fairy-type).

    1. Slurpuff all the way! Swirlix is way cooler looking, but the evolution is way stronger. I thought about training up my Klefki just because it’s a flipping key ring Pokemon?

  9. Played through twice because I’m one of those weirdos who buys both versions. The first time around in Y I used Greninja, Lucario, Tyrantrum, Talonflame (oh the speed of that thing), Gogoat, and Lapras. Loved the new Exp. Share mechanic and never having to level grind along the way. Blew through the Elite Four though, which felt weird. The second time around in X, I had a little more trouble, but it was definitely still fun… used Chasnaught (Spiky Shield is rather handy), Blastoise, Goodra, Pidgeot, Aurorus, and Floette (missed the Shiny Stone on my way through).

    My Friend Code is 1993-7579-0707 if you’d like to add me. I’ve been told my Safari is Ghost and has Phantump.

  10. well i have got more than 6 pokemon but these are the best pokemon ever greninja,blazeikin,venusuar,gengar,gardevoir and pigeot. i just got the legendary pokemon so i challenge you to a battle mileson i bet a 12 year old like me would beat an 18 year old.

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