Virtual Sexuality

Virtual Sexuality
Last month at IndieCade 2013 Mileson had the opportunity to try out the Oculus VR headset. It was his first experience with virtual reality technology since the disastrous Virtual Boy.  He promised to write-up his impressions of the this new technology, but we thought it might be better to channel those feelings into a new comic. Behold the unbridled potential of virtual reality.

Note: His experience was unfortunately not nearly this steamy. 

Also, another random side note for you folks. You may have noticed that we haven’t been posting as much lately and that’s mainly due to the fact that I (Miles) recently relocated to California. The transition has been incredibly exciting, but equally stressful. I’ve been working two jobs as well as working on various film/game audio projects so this has left me very little time to sleep, let alone work on articles for the site. I’m hoping to have a more reasonable schedule within the next month and we should return to our normal posting habits. We also have a super radtastic project we’ve been working on for What’s Your Tag? that we’re super excited about. Expect to hear some big news from us very soon!

A huge thank you to everyone who stops by and supports our shenanigans on a regular basis. We appreciate everything you guys do.

Love and hugs to all my bro’s and bro-ette’s!




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