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At this point I think most of us have beaten the Elite Four and began the arduous task of “catching ’em all.” With a total of 718 known Pokemon, this is no easy task. The Friend Safari is an amazing way to expand your Pokedex and even your social circle. I want to use this post as a public forum for anyone to come and share their 3Ds friend codes. Remember what they say? The more the merrier!

I will start by sharing my information first, like a true gentleman.


Friend Code: 3737-9814-1361

Feel free to drop your name and your friend code below. With the Friend Safari it doesn’t hurt to make a couple of new friends. We have a great group of Poke fans who frequent the website and I know we’d all benefit from a collection of new friend codes. Add my code and let’s get catching!

I Mileson I


      1. I would love to battle. I will be available for the next 4 to 5 hours, but I’m busy this evening. I won’t be using a Legendary or a Mega because I’m hardcore like that, but I will be using a Farfetchd hahaha.

      2. Ok maybe another time. I don’t get off work till 5:30 then I’m having dinner with the grandparents. Lord knows how long they are staying. But I would enjoy a battle with a worthy opponent. If you are forgoing legendaries then I will as well. But I would like your permission to use a Mega Pokemon.

        – Kaxzc

      3. Oh yeah I don’t mind if people use Mega’s. I beat a team of Mewtwo, Yvetal, and Mega Charizard, with a Farfetch’d, Slurrpuff, and Stunfisk. However that same team lost to a team consisting of Xerneas, Zygarde, and Yvetal.

    1. Thank you very much for the nomination! We really appreciate it! You’re always stopping by and participating in our shenanigans and we thank you.

  1. Here’s mine..


    No level 100’s yet, but I have a ditto so I can pretty much breed anything! I also have a PokeRus epidemic at the moment which I’m happy to spread!

      1. Awesome 🙂 already chucked your code in last night. BTW what version have you got? I recently found the Aggron mega stone but apparently Aggron is version exclusive to X, and I’m playing Y…seems a bit weird to me..

  2. 0344-9459-9412

    Let me know when anybody wants to battle: my revamped team needs practice! And revising…

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