Return of the Living One

Return of the Living One
Next-gen is officially in full effect with the launch of the Xbox One. The “Big Three” have released their new consoles. Sony and Microsoft are obviously more in than the spotlight than Nintendo right now and for good reasons. The Xbox One and PS4 were both welcomed with phenomenal releases and both consoles sold over 1 million units in 24 hours. The Wii U hasn’t even hit 4 million units sold since it’s launch over a year ago… We love Nintendo and wish them the best in all their endeavors, but seeing such massive sales numbers from your is never something investors like to see. If this were a zombie apocalypse, Nintendo would be the weak, vulnerable guy we leave behind to be eaten by the undead.


  1. One of the biggest problems the Wii-U faced was that it was perceived not as a new system but as an accessory. System Accessories for augmented gameplay are almost always failures, especially when you try to put them in the context of a being a whole new system. Imagine if the Kinect was treated as a brand new X-box? Or if the Eye was treated as a brand new Playstation? Or if the Power Glove was treated as a brand new NES?

    1. Nintendo’s marketing strategy for the Wii U was terrible. I worked as a manager in an electronics store at the time and every day I would have multiple customers ask if the Wii U was just the gamepad. The name and the lack of intial information confused a lot of people.

      1. My main problem with the Wii U is not the Wii U. It is the Wii I own that was little more than a Netflix player. It wasn’t well supported and has no resale value. Nintendo needs to do something to make Wii owners happy with that console.

      2. Yeah, Nintendo dropped support of the Wii really fast. There was a steady flow of decent titles for the first few years, but as soon as the 3DS took off and as soon as the Wii U was announced the games were non-existent.

      3. They are following in the footsteps of Sega. Sega was awesome and released great products, but failed its owners in major ways. It failed to get major 3rd party titles and released new systems without taking care of loyal consumers. Like when they lost Mortal Kombat 3, abandoned the Genesis just after the release of the Nomad and 32x, fail it to support the Saturn and Dreamcast. I feel the same pattern after owning an N64, GameCube , and Wii.

  2. Gotta love the Return Of The Living Dead take on this. Sadly Nintendo have trapped me in their web and I’d probably allow them to eat my brains.

    1. I’m right there with you… I bought the Wii U at launch and the only game I’ve put a legit amount of time into is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which I already owned on the original Wii… I’m still holding out hope that Nintendo will defy the odds, but pretty much every big name agrees that Nintendo might want to consider going software only.

      1. I have that sitting on my shelf and still haven’t played it. Same for the Wii’s version. I’d recommend ZombiU as a truly outstanding game that can be gotten for dirt cheap.

        They’ll never go software only. It’d ruin the brand like Sega.

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