My Hilarious Dead Rising 3 Glitches

Dead Rising
has always been the most ridiculous series of zombie games ever made. Dead Rising 3 keeps that tradition alive with the addition of more zombies than you’ve ever seen on the screen at one time. I’ve completed one playthrough so far and I’ve already captured some golden footage thanks to the magic of the Xbox One Game DVR. Here are a couple of my favorites. 

Flying Car Glitch


I’m still not sure how this happened. We gently bumped into the back of a fireworks van and we went flying hundreds of feet in the air. It was absolutely hilarious and unfortunately I don’t think we could recreate this moment if we tried.

Hardcore Dancing Glitch


So we just finished a very dramatic cut-scene involving a crucial twist in the game’s plot when this happened… Somebody crank some Whitechapel because this fool is getting down! look at that arm go! It defies all laws of physics and nature.

Both of these videos were edited and uploaded from my Xbox One and SkyDrive. The ability to record straight from my Xbox has really streamlined this process. The interface is incredibly simple to use and uploading took less than a minute per video. My only legitimate complaint is that recordings are limited to five minutes, but you are given the ability to link up to five videos together. I’m unsure what the time limit is when linking multiple clips.

I should be playing through the game at least a few more times in the next week or two and I should have plenty more ridiculous videos where these came from. Be sure to check back for more daily shenanigans!

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