Nerd Wars! What Next-Gen Games Are You Playing?

The next generation of video game consoles is in full swing. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have all released their new machines and are doing everything in their power to get you to play them. Several million people have already purchased Xbox One‘s and PS4‘s and the current demand for both is outrageously high. For you early adopters out there, we’d like to use this week’s round of Nerd Wars! to figure out what games you’ve been playing on your shiny new consoles.

As most of you know, I am very loyal to Microsoft and the Brobox, so for now I’ve picked up the Xbox One over the PS4. I’m sure I will purchase a PS4 at some point, but for now I bleed red, white, and green.

I’ve been having a ton of fun with Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct. This were the two launch titles I was most excited for and they haven’t disappointed. Dead Rising is as ridiculous as ever and Killer Instinct delivers a solid 2D fighting experience.

What have you been playing? Do you have any fun or outrageous stories to share?

I Mileson I


  1. I picked up an Xbox One and have been enjoying Dead Rising, Killer Instinct and NBA 2K14. However I have also been making time for Super Mario 3D World on Wii U.

    1. I’ve heard amazing things about Super Mario 3D World. That’s one I put on the ol X-Mas list this year. How are you liking DR3?

  2. I’m not getting a “next gen” console until next year. My PC can handle anything I can throw at it. Right now the Wii U is at the top of my list because I really can’t play Nintendo titles on PC.

    1. Typically with launch titles for a new system, the game graphics are only slightly better because devs are just porting from the previous gen. Dead Rising 3 is a great example of the increased processing power over the 360. There are thousands of zombies on-screen almost constantly. There are moments when you are driving and it looks like a pool of black in the distance and then you get closer and realize it’s a enormous horde of zombies.

      1. Yeah I know. I’m just not in a rush to jump into a brand new console that I know is going to have it’s fair share of bugs.

      2. Yeah I know. I’m just not in a rush to jump into a brand new console that I know is going to have it’s fair share of bugs.

      3. I can totally understand that. if you wait a year or two I’m sure you’ll get a better machine for less money. I’ve been eager to get a new console, considering our last generation started way back in 2005.

      4. That’s why I have a gaming PC. The only thing i’ll be missing out on are console exclusives but they’re never really that great anyway.

      5. I have a gaming PC as well, but it’s hard to really replicate that console experience. I’ll play the PC exclusives on my machine, but if it’s coming out on a console, that’s what I’m getting first.

      6. I know how you feel. I grew up on the Nintendo. At first it was hard for me to make the switch from console to PC. I’ve only been a PC gamer since March of this year. Games like The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Witcher, and any FPS i’ll always play on PC. Other titles I would like to play on a console :]

  3. Dead Rising, Killer Instinct and Resogun so far. I got Fifa in my day one edition as I’m in the UK but I’ve barely played it.
    We need to set up a word press Killer instinct tournament considering how good the net code has been so far.

    1. A Killer Instinct Tournament would be amazing! I’m having a ton of fun with that game. We should work out a specific time and date and make a post about it, inviting others to join us. Also, I don’t think we have each other added on Xbox Live.

  4. I’d rather stick with the xbox360 and ps4 because the only reason microsoft made the xbox1
    was because they saw sony announce the ps4 so then they made a console in the form of a rush
    it could be crappy because usually: rushed = crappy, yeah?

    1. There were rumors about both announcing new consoles. No evidence to suggest they were copying sony. The amount of development time needed is huge so it’s foolish to think they could make something like the Xbox one and produce that many consoles in a few months. Mine was made in september, so that would have given them less than four months from the ps4 announcement to create something from scratch. Also that would mean the games would have to be made in that time too.

  5. On PS4 I’m enjoying resogun the most, followed by need for speed rivals. Killzone is pretty cool, and I tried Battlefield 4 but it wasn’t my bag. On WiiU I just wrapped up Zelda Wind Waker HD, and am enjoying Mario 3D more than any Mario in a long time. Going to hold off on the xbone until something big like Titanfall or maybe even Halo 5. Honestly though, the biggest game of 2014 for me will be Dark Souls 2 on ps3/xbox360, so I guess old gen still has legs. 🙂

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