Zelda Dynasty Warriors?

Hyrule Warriors

Alright Nintendo fans, you’ve waited years for the announcement of a new Zelda on the Wii U and today via Nintendo Direct, we got it. Introducing Hyrule Warriors; a crossover between The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors being developed by Tecmo Koei. Check out the intriguing announcement trailer below. 

[youtube http://youtu.be/o2pFh6zzbWc]

Satoru Iwata emphasized that this is not Nintendo’s new Zelda, but it gives fans a way to experience the Zelda universe in an entirely new way. There is still no word regarding the next official Legend of Zelda title.

I love the Legend of Zelda and I love Dynasty Warriors, so in theory I should love Hyrule Warriors (name pending), but I can’t shake the feeling that this could be an incredibly mediocre release. Tecmo Koei did some really great things with the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series, but this doesn’t exactly bolster my faith in this project. We can guarantee that many Zelda fans will be hyper-critical of this release. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for a fantastic game nobody saw coming.

I Mileson I



    1. I’m hopefully optimistic about it. If it has four player co-op, I can guarantee that I will have a ton of fun with it.

      1. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam was shockingly good, so I feel like Tecmo Koei could pull off a great game if they do it right.

    1. I played a ridiculous amount of Dynasty Warriors 4 and 5. I haven’t tried the latest one, but I’ve heard some really good things. I think it’s about time I jump back on that horse.

  1. I always loves Dynasty Warriors/ Samurai Warriors games, this could be really interestingly fun. I wonder what other characters they will have to play as, and possibly Gannon? Weird that Dodongo was in the Hyrule Field instead of Death Mountain. Another great title that makes me want a WiiU more.

    1. I will agree that this trailer doesn’t showcase the most beautiful game, but hopefully the appearance improves over time. Dynasty Warrior games have never really been known for their stellar graphics, though.

  2. Oh My God! This is the team up between Nintendo and PlayStation Mr. Biggelsworth has been prophesying! It’s Link of War!!!!! I can’t wait to graphically tear apart Ganon (the real hero of Hyrule for the cynics)! They were so close with Brawl too!

    … Rats! I’ve just been informed by my personal shrine to Shigeru Miyamoto, that’s surrounded with Koopa-less Koopa shells, that, if this is the case, then DeviantArt will hit a singularity that will cause all of their art to infiltrate all of our computers!

    Don’t do it Nintendo! No matter how much you want to Iron-Lung your properties, don’t do it!

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