DA:I for Homework

A few days ago, GameSpot released an an article updating people on Dragon Age: Inquisition’s (DA:I) progress. The article certainly raised a few elven ears, but it also made the Fade seem to be composed of more Justice than Desire. Please, allow me to Mind Blast you, if I haven’t already. 

Alright, if it isn’t clear enough, I love Dragon Age, so this press release was quite stirring; for the sake of this post, however, I won’t be going into implications and further meanings. It is reported that Bioware  has stated that DA:I has”come a long way” since last August’s PAX Prime. That only says, really, that Bioware has been consistently working on it, but it doesn’t mean– No! I said I wasn’t going to go there. Ehm, the good news is that they have enough of the game built that, for the holidays,  Bioware is giving their employees a “Holiday” version of the game. This version is said to be functional and include much of the content that will be in the game–including the entire storyline. I’m very encouraged by their dedication to the game and their fans, since those who obtain these early copies will effectively be testing it for bugs and other problems as a Christmas gift; of course they’ll also be doing so, perhaps, drunk on eggnog and high on holiday spirit… not to mention the little darkspawn that will definitely ravage their heels. No, I couldn’t Petrify myself. So, how do you think DA:I is turning out?



    1. Personally, I’m a little hesitant to hop on the “I’m sold” train…. All right, so I hopped on a long time ago; I couldn’t help it. I am just so excited that even the last fiasco didn’t have much effect on their ability to sell me hats with realistic renderings of Hurlock Emissaries stapled on…. Well, they didn’t sell that, but if they did they’d make even more of a killing. Still, even though I’m sold, I can’t help but worry about the games outcome–production wise–and where the series is headed.

      1. Hm, lets hope it’s not just going to deteriorate more as the games are created. Personally, I liked the 1st one more the 2nd one, so hopefully the 3rd will not be even worse.

        So far there are a few aspects I like, like bringing back being more then just a human and being able to explore more of the world of DA. I think I read somewhere that they won’t be re-using places as much as they did in the 2nd one, which would be another very small decent change.

        Guess we’ll just have to continue to follow and see ^_^

  1. I’m so excited for this game!!! It’s causing me grief though because I can’t decide whether I’ll buy it for 360 which my other DA games are or get it on an Xbox One which I’ll be getting next Christmas :S

    1. If I were you, I’d get it for the 360, so you don’t have to risk the Dragons Keep. I’m not saying it won’t work, but I haven’t seen any indication of how much you can tweak.

      1. That’s true, plus if I get it for the 360 I can get it the day it comes out rather than wait till Christmas 🙂

    1. It seems they may be going to far in the opposite direction, given their previews. I hope they don’t bite off more than they can chew.

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