The Daily Clip: Streaking in Ryse

I’d like to usher in the new year with a brand new segment entitled, “The Daily Clip.” We’ll be bringing you at least one hilarious, random, or awesome game clip from the Xbox One Game DVR every day for the foreseeable future. Let’s kick things of with some good ol’ fashioned Roman streaking. 


When this first happened to me in the Colosseum mode of Ryse, I had to do a double-take. Was that dude running butt-naked through the arena? At first I thought it was just a hilariously perfect glitch, but after a little more research, I found that many other players had experienced this same phenomenon.

[youtube] [youtube]

It turns out this is actually an incredibly rare Easter Egg tucked away deep within the game’s code. The nude intruder randomly appears to bring some comic relief to the relentless bloodshed of the Colosseum battles. I’m an advocate for the outlandish and I tip my hat to you, Crytek. Well played…  well played indeed.

Look forward more hilarious videos everyday with “The Daily Clip.” 

I Mileson I

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