New Halo Coming in 2014


Alrighty boys and girls, it’s time to dust off the bro-caps and prepare your largest Mountain Dew goblets because today, Microsoft confirmed that the next Halo will be coming in 2014. Bros of the world rejoice! 

Xbox Wire released a large list of confirmed games scheduled to release in 2014, but the next Halo game was nowhere to be found. As you can imagine, many fans were up in arms about the potential of waiting another year for their Halo fix. Thankfully Rob Semsey took to Twitter to alleviate any fan’s concerns with a very reassuring tweet.

“Rest assured your next Halo journey WILL begin in 2014 #staycalm”

It turns out the only reason the next Halo game was ommitted from the list was because there isn’t a confirmed title. Does this mean we might actually get a name for the next Halo? Did we get tired of counting? I know one thing for certain… Imma be all over dat shizz.

I Mileson I


  1. Wal-mart has a pre-order spot for “Halo 5” with an October release date, but I wouldn’t exactly say they’re the apotheosis of reliable information. Amazon has the generic 12-31-14 release date, which they use when they have no idea, but it’s just listed as “Halo”.

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