Retro Orchid Costume Available for Killer Instinct Ultra Edition Owners

Retro Orchid
Were you one of the cool people who splurged for the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct? If so, Double Helix is rewarding you with a new retro skin for Orchid. Come see it in action and watch as I get destroyed by some 13 year-old online. 

The costume includes a brand new set of customizable items and six new color schemes, including the patriotic American flag suit.


I should have rocked the red, white, and blue during this match. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason I lost. To be fair though, I don’t normally play Orchid so don’t judge me too harshly. I gave ‘ol Jago a run for his money. I was actually pretty convinced I was going to win that fight… and then it all fell apart.

It’s really cool to see Double Helix continue to give back to it’s supporters. I can’t wait to see what other skins they introduce for characters like Sabrewulf and Glacius.

I Mileson I



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