Left 4 Dead Developer’s 4-Player Co-Op EVOLVEs This Fall


Game Informer displayed their new magazine cover recently, detailing some information on Turtle Rock‘s upcoming 4-player competitive co-op shooter EVOLVE. Competitive co-op? Is that a thing? Apparently so! 

Turtle Rock has worked on Valve’s Counter-strike series for quite some time and developed quite possibly the best co-op game of all time in Left 4 Dead, so their track record is pretty respectful.

EVOLVE will include 4 different alien hunters, each with unique abilities, and will put heavy emphasis on team-work as players battle against one player-controlled alien that grows bigger and stronger as the matches play out. As the name implies, the player-controlled aliens will evolve to obtain new abilities, become more of a menace and keep things fair.

The concept itself is pretty interesting, as it’s a nice blend of bro-op gameplay with a competitive edge for the player in control of the alien. Information is still slowly pouring in, so we’ll have to wait and see if EVOLVE can do just that.

EVOLVE will be published by 2K after it was picked up for $10.8 million during the THQ bidding war, and is scheduled for a fall release on the Xbox One.


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