inFamous: Second Son – 10 Minutes of Gameplay

second son

Over at CES, IGN got their hands on the upcoming third entry into the inFamous series, Second Son. While the footage is offscreen, we still get some really great glimpses of what’s to come. Delsin Rowe has replaced series regular protagonist, Cole MacGrath, in a new fight against an organization called the DUP. Check it out:

The graphics look sweet and from what we can see it looks like there will be a much wider range of powers and abilities from the previous two entries. Is this the first of the truly next-gen games? We’ll just have to wait and see.

inFamous: Second Son is slated to be released on the PS4 March 21, 2014.



  1. Reblogged this on The Geek/Gaming Life and commented:
    Out of the first year exclusives for the PS4. This is the one I want. It looks amazing and although a different character/story it looks to bring enough of the old along with the new to capture our Infamous hearts once again.

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