Slender: The Arrival Hits Xbox 360 This Spring with New Content!


The original freeware PC title Slender: The Eight Pages had its fair share of terrifying moments, and last March we were treated to its official re-imagining, Slender: The Arrival.

Formerly a PC exclusive, publisher Midnight City has announced that Slender: The Arrival will be hitting the XBLA this spring with a fresh coat of paint and two additional levels.

These “flashback” levels will play through the eyes of Slender Man’s victims and will only open up once the campaign is completed. Enjoy being hunted!



      1. Lol… I’m thinking about it now and I still have several scare-factor titles in my backlog, including but not limited to Fatal Frame and Eternal Darkness. Should have arranged something for Halloween :-).

      2. Fatal Frame 1 and 2 are the scariest games I’ve ever played, hands down. Outlast is up there, though. I wasn’t a big fan of Eternal Darkness, but I’m in the minority in that respect.

    1. I think part of the original’s charm was how simplistic it was (and it was free, of course). I haven’t played The Arrival yet, though, but I do love me some survival horror. Now if we could just get Outlast ported over!

  1. Yeah Crimson Butterfly is the second Fatal Frame. The scariest game of all time in my opinion. Perfectly executed scares.

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