Retro Jago Costume Available for Killer Instinct Ultra Edition Owners

Retro Jago Costume

Double Helix is starting to spoil Killer Instinct Ultra Edition owners. Less than a week ago players were given access to Retro Orchid and today the folks who went big with this free-to-play fighter get to sport the stylish Retro Jago costume.  

Like the Retro Orchid pack, players will be able to equip and customize a whole new set of colors and items with this new costume.

Is it just me, or does Jago kind of look like he’s dressed to audition to be the guitarist for Marilyn Manson? All you need to is dye his wraps black and add some eye-liner and he’d be ready to wow any 13 year-old girl with parental issues.

Keep the costumes coming Double Helix! I’m really pulling for Retro Sabrewulf next. Fingers crossed everyone!

I Mileson I


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