Fable Anniversary Pre-Order Bonuses & Release Date Revealed


Lionhead Studios has announced that Fable Anniversary is complete and will be available to North American gamers on February 4th, Australia on February 6th, and Europe on February 7th for the Xbox 360.

Three different pre-order costumes will be available from various retailers, although Amazon is the only one who has been confirmed so far. Amazon pre-orders will receive the Apollo’s Pack, while other retailers will offer the Pierates Pack & the Snowspire Pack.

Amazon’s Apollo’s Pack contains Apollo’s Outfit & Apollo’s Crossbow. The Pierates Pack contains the Pierates Outfit & a Pierates Cutlass, while the Snowspire Pack offers a Snowspire Guard outfit and The Jackarse, which is a dead fish weapon. Whichever you choose, Lionhead claims they will all be available as DLC in the future.

Fable Anniversary is a complete high-definition remake of the original Fable for the Xbox, and contains The Lost Chapters add-on, a full list of achievements, SmartGlass support and improved audio.



  1. Fable had it’s up and downs for me. If I had a console I would love to play this again with updated graphics. Fable 2 was my favorite one the series.

      1. I think you’re the only person I know of that likes part 3. I thought part 3 was the worst. I didn’t even bother with the kinect version.

      2. 3 was definitely the worst of the trilogy, but it was in no way a bad game in my opinion. 2 set the bar pretty high, so I can say I was disappointed in 3 a bit, but I still enjoyed it for the most part.

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