Nerd Wars! Call of Duty vs Battlefield

This week’s round of Nerd Wars! is a total battle of the bro’s. When it comes to fans, few games can match the hardcore following of Call of Duty and Battlefield, but we want to know which of these franchises is the true titan of first-person shooters. Let the fan wars begin! 

Are you more of a fan of the large-scale warfare of Battlefield or do you prefer the intimate nature of the Call of Duty franchise? Both have a great deal to offer players, but there can be only one victor. If you could only play one, which would it be?



Thanks for stopping by and participating in this week’s round of Nerd Wars! We post new battles every Thursday.


      1. Me too. It’s one of those series’ I’ve always had a soft spot for. I mean, how can you not love that pink ball of fluff?

      2. I know right. When I was a kid I used to imagine how soft his fluff was :]. I bet he feels like a pillow.

      3. He is probably the greatest pillow in the world. I imagine that he smells like delicious cotton candy.

  1. HA! Call of Doody more likely. Battlefield is where it’s at!

    Joking aside, I respect Call of Duty, but I’ve always found Battlefield has a more mature audience, so that’s my preference.

    1. Oh snap! Call of doooody just got slammed!

      I agree. As much as I like playing with 13-year-olds and getting explicit information about my mother’s alleged statutory romances, I typically find CoD to deliver a much smaller and “casual” multiplayer experience than Battlefield.

  2. I’m more into the arcade-y pace of CoD but the community is what makes or breaks a game. And it doesn’t help that the current game (Ghosts) empowers the particularly douche-y side of the community.

    I’m still waiting on a better computer so I can play TF2 instead.

  3. Call of Duty reeks of axe body spray and TapOut merch. I think I hate the player base more than the actual game, though. That community is toxic. I had a better time playing Battlefield, but I’m not the biggest fan of either franchise.

  4. Ghosts is terrible. Easily the worst CoD game ever. Buuuttt I do love me some CoD so I stick with it, even though a lot of the guys I play with moved to Battlefield and keep trying to get me to join. haha. Also, I don’t notice that Ghosts has more douches, if anything, I’ve noticed LESS douchey people…at least less women bashers…so far…haha.

  5. It would be Battlefield in a landslide if it weren’t for the continued copious amounts of bugs present in BF4 even now. I wish DICE and EA would get their stuff together and smooth things out across all platforms. To my knowledge, CoD: Ghosts hasn’t had much post-launch issues, though I could be wrong. Even with the bugs, I still prefer BF over CoD for larger sense of scale and VEHICLES!

    1. Battlefield 4’s launch was sort of a train wreck. It was almost impossible for my friend and I to play online at all. Things are slowly getting better and I can’t wait until they work out all the kinks.

    1. Battlefield 2142 was my favorite! The vehicles were awesome! I just got done playing a little Titanfall and while I ca’t really say anything about it, I can say it reminded me very much of Battlefield 2142!

  6. I’m still partial to Duty but I was less than impressed with BF4, especially compared to BF3 which was a beautiful product. COD has probably the richest offering and spinoffs. I just wish they would get good vehicle combat already.

    1. I should have noted that BF4 was not a bad product, it just didn’t make enough leaps from BF3 for me to call it that much better. Then again, CoD’s business model has revolved around very few increments with each installment. So maybe I’m just talking in circles.

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