Dead Rising 3 Preps for DLC with a 13GB Update


If you plan on purchasing the Operation Broken Eagle DLC for Dead Rising 3 tomorrow you may want to pop in your copy and start updating as soon as possible. It was announced yesterday that a massive, 13GB update is required for anyone looking to play the game online. 

Oddly enough there hasn’t been any official report of what’s included with this update. Many people are speculating that this the download for the Operation Broken Eagle DLC; the first of four planned expansions for Dead Rising 3.

OXM has stated that the base install for Dead Rising 3 is 19.9GB. This suggests that the upcoming piece of DLC will be quite massive, but this also means 32.9GB of your Xbox One hard drive are dedicated to one game and that number will surely grow.

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  1. I just started the main game so I’m not going DLC yet, but jeez at some point, even with 500 GB hard drives, MS is going to have to give us access to edit our hard drives. It’s not infinite space!

    1. I know! These games are all massive. Apparently they will be releasing a huge update soon that let’s us edit the contents of our hard drives and changes the clunky party system.

      Dead Rising 3 is amazing. There is so much outrageous fun to be had.

      1. Lol I just started and the number of zombies onscreen at one time is overwhelming. I remember standing on a ledge looking down into the teeming mass of undead and thinking ok so clearly I don’t go down there and looking for where I’m supposed to jump, but no, you are supposed to go down there with your shovel. Good luck lol.

      2. Hahaha! I felt the same way through the entire game. There are certain points in the game where you literally can’t even walk forward because the crowd of zombies is so ridiculous.

  2. Just as an update, this download took me about 3 hours with a 30mbps internet connection. So make sure you set aside a serious block of time.

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