See Mom, it’s Not a Waste of Time

psychonauts trailer hd

We often hear stories about how video games turn people into mindless murder machines, (good band name) but can they make you smarter, faster, better? AsapSCIENCE delves into the subject and what they find is truly interesting:

I like how they single out action games and their benefit. So in the future don’t worry about playing Brain Age as much, since Call of Duty will do the trick.


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  1. Reblogged this on Game Time @_ and commented:
    Personally I enjoy little mind games that are in video games. I enjoy story lines, fighting styles, and characterization. Variety is awesome! Just because one style of game seems like it initiates brain stimulation and such does not mean that another type of game is not a great match as well! All kinds of versions of fun can help stimulate!

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