Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle Review


Dead Rising 3 is easily the most expansive entry in the series and with four pieces of DLC scheduled to release within the next few months, the experience is only going to grow. Operation Broken Eagle is the first of four chapters from the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos and it offers a new campaign for players looking to broaden their undead horizons, but does it satisfy that zombie itchy, tasty? 


Operation Broken Eagle puts you in control of Spec-Ops commander Adam Kane; one of the bosses from the main story of Dead Rising 3. You’re mission, should you choose to except it, is to locate and capture the President of the United States and bring her to justice for her (That’s right boys and girls, the president is a woman. How’s that for progressive game design?) supposed involvement with a rebel faction in the zombie outbreak. Kane is a very straight-laced man of action and his primary objective throughout the campaign is to complete the mission at all costs.

Your mission is immediately disrupted by a gang of bikers who blast your squad’s chopper with an RPG (who knows how they managed to acquire that) and send you and your crew crashing to the ground. You are badly injured and your fellow squad mates are launched to various locations of the city. As you progress through the story your higher ups will give you the coordinates of your missing squad members and the optional side quests will have you investigate the fate of your men. Any able bodied soldiers found are called to duty and the other, less fortunate members of your crew are laid to rest. You collect their dog tags to confirm death.


The side quests for Operation Broken Eagle delicately weave themselves into the main story line of Dead Rising 3Most of the events you experience with Kane occur slightly before the story begins with our hero, Nick Ramos. You’re optional orders are to infect various “illegal” safe houses (“illegals” are a rebel group who’ve refused the mandatory zombie vaccine from the government) and setup ZDC monitoring stations throughout the city. When playing as Nick Ramos you spend a great deal of time destroying these ZDC surveillance stations and clearing the infected safe houses. This doesn’t play a large role in the story, but it offers some insight into the origin of these recurring issues.

Unfortunately our time with commander Kane is incredibly limited. I completed the campaign, all side missions, and gathered all collectibles in about two hours. For DLC that was delayed by nearly a month, this was incredibly disappointing. Operation Broke Eagle doesn’t introduce any new locations and it even restricts access to certain buildings in the city. We’re given the chance to experience the horror of a zombie apocalypse from a completely different perspective, but the story never delves deep enough to deliver anything truly exciting. This experience might be more enjoyable with a friend, but there is no option to play this DLC with co-op.

Operation Broken Eagle

The campaign may be short and slightly uneventful, but at least we’re given some awesome new weapons and a new vehicle to take with us on our adventure. I really appreciated the fact that these weapons were completely relevant to our new character. They are all military grade bringers of death. Two of my favorites were a pair of combat blades that Kane handled with deadly precision and a combo weapon that combined a fully automatic shotgun with a chainsaw. The executions for both of these weapons are horrifyingly satisfying. I was also introduced to the “Armadillo;” a military assault vehicle with an enormous turret. I showcase all the new weapons and executions in the video below.


Operation Broken Eagle isn’t a must-have addition to your Dead Rising 3 experience, but it does offer a fun and brief look at the zombie apocalypse from the eyes of a seasoned soldier. Some of the parallels to the main story were interesting, but I wanted more depth. I probably won’t play through this campaign again, especially without the bro-op incentive, but the fantastic new weapons can be carried over and enjoyed with friends in the core game. While $9.99 isn’t a great deal of money in the broad scope of game DLC, it’s still a disappointing price for the lack of content included.

Operation Broken Eagle Review


  1. Capcom has never really been one to shine when it comes down to DLC. I spend $9.99 on the DmC Vergil’s Downfall DLC and beat it in less than 2 hours. You couldn’t even use Vergil in the Bloody Palace mode or anywhere outside of his own levels. Total waste of money. Is there a season pass for DR3? If so, how much is it?

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