Xbox One’s Powerstar Golf 25% Off Until 1/28, Gets Content Update This Friday


I turned on my Xbox One last night to watch Netflix and noticed that the XBLA was having a 25% off sale on Powerstar Golf, knocking it down to $14.99. Powerstar Golf is one of the few Xbox One games I haven’t gotten a chance to play yet, so the reduced price is definitely an incentive, but the sale only lasts until January 28th.

It’s more Hot Shots Golf or Outlaw Golf than Tiger Woods, and I think that arcade feel is what is most appealing to me (as I don’t really play sports games that often). You can check out the official Powerstar Golf trailer below!

As fate would have it, I saw this news article this morning while browsing the Official Xbox Magazine site. According to Aoife Wilson, staff writer for OXM, a new content patch is scheduled for Powerstar Golf this Friday, January 24th, and she states that “new additions include 50 new pieces of gear to equip, increased credit payouts, new rival notifications, new camera angles, improved animations, and other general bug fixes.

As stated in the article, the official Xbox Twitch channel will be showcasing all of the changes in a live stream this Friday from 11am-12pm PST.


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