The Daily Clip: Flying Forkwork in Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 Banner
So what exactly do you do when you’ve done everything a game has intended you to? You break it. In today’s edition of The Daily Clip I show you folks a ridiculous glitch that’ll send your forklift soaring through the sky like an eagle on Independence Day. 


This glitch is actually super easy to pull off. All you really need is the Forkwork, the combo vehicle that fuses the fireworks van and the forklift, and any lose vehicles. In this particular area I simply made a ramp out of various background vehicles (the taxi seems to work best) and used them to lift the front of my Forkwork off the ground. Once your vehicle is at an angle, lay on the firework thruster by pressing “X” and watch it fly.

The flying forklift works in a ton of different areas and it makes navigating the city so much easier. You can easily jump any roadblock and I’ve even managed to launch this thing onto the freeway from street level. If you’re bored of mindlessly slaughtering thousands of zombies, this is a great way to waste time in Dead Rising 3.

We hope you enjoyed today’s edition of The Daily Clip. Be sure to check back every day for more great videos straight from our Xbox One Game DVR. 

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