Xbox 360 Digital Download Sales This Week – Tom Clancy, Dark Souls and More!


Looking to beef up your Xbox 360 collection but trying to save a few bucks? Me too. There are two different Xbox Live sales going on right now, with one featuring 3 different Tom Clancy titles and the other featuring a good selection of RPG’s with some odds and ends here and there. Don’t forget that you also still have until the end of January to download Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light for free if you’re a Gold subscriber!


The weekly sale is a bit more impressive and features a few surprises, so let’s start there. Don’t forget that weekly deals are exclusive to Gold subscribers.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts – $39.99
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 – $6.59
  • Dark Souls – $4.99
  • Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings – $9.89
  • Tales of Vesperia – $4.99
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara – $4.94

Dark Souls and Tales of Vesperia at about $5.00 each is a complete steal, especially considering that Vesperia is fantastic and still over $20.00 used. If you’re interested in picking up Dark Souls 2 this March but aren’t familiar with the “trial by dying” gameplay, this is the perfect time to get prepared.. although you still won’t be. Nothing can prepare you for that much dying. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is also on its way out here soon, so now is a good time to catch up with Final Fantasy XIII-2 at a respectable price.


The Tom Clancy sale is relatively lacking and features the following 3 games.

  • Splinter Cell: Conviction – $9.99
  • Splinter Cell: Double Agent – $9.99
  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – $9.99

So what are you picking up? I’ve put off D&D Chronicles long enough, so I think I’m finally going to cave in.



      1. Yessssss lol. I made sure to beat the games I had before selling. I have both ps4 and xbox1. :). But – now I have nothing to play lol. Stupid console launches and delay of watch dogs! 😐

      2. I feel your pain… I’ve played almost every single game released for the X1… I need moar! Well if you ever wanna play the small selection of games online, feel free to add me on Xbox Live. I Mileson I

      3. Yikes! This is why I wish all new consoles were backwards compatible for at least the first year lol. I never sell my consoles, but I’m running out of HDMI ports on my TV!

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