No Monster Hunter 4 in America Until 2015

Hunters from all over the United States have eagerly been awaiting the announcement of some form of Monster Hunter 4 to make it’s way stateside. Today Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be making it’s way to 3DS in early 2015. 


This exciting announcement came from Capcom producer Ryozo Tsuzjimoto at Hunter Festa 2013 in Japan. Monster Hunter 4G was also announced for 3DS as a Japan exclusive.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate promises to deliver to most significant update in the franchise’s history. Players will now be given the ability to scale walls and climb various structures throughout the stages. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for seasoned hunters.

I’m pretty pumped about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but I’m a little depressed that it’ll be over a year before I get to play it.

I Mileson I


    1. That’s basically how I feel right now. The Wii U version of 3 was amazing and I will definitely pick up 4 for the 3DS, but I would much rather play on a console.

      1. Strangely enough I think I’d love playing it on 3DS rather than console, but that’s just because I tend to play my handhelds more these day. I haven’t played on any of my consoles since august last year if i remember correctly.

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