Denver Broncos Will Defeat Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl, Says Madden NFL 25


After correctly predicting 8 of the last 10 NFL Super Bowl victors, EA’s Madden NFL 25 is betting the farm on Matt Prater and the Denver Broncos to win it all 31-28 in overtime over the Seattle Seahawks. Wait, not Peyton Manning? No sir, this one comes down to the special teams unit!

Last year, EA’s Madden series accurately predicted not only Baltimore’s victory over San Fransisco, but the Ravens commanding lead and 49’ers epic comeback. If history repeats itself this Super Bowl Sunday, expect some lackluster D from the Broncos, a last minute 2-point conversion courtesy of the Seahawks, and another epic finale from Denver’s record-holding place kicker, Matt Prater.

Personally, I’m more excited that football will be over and my Facebook feed will go back to normal since my hometown of Baltimore isn’t in it this year, but what’s your take on the Super Bowl (assuming you even watch American football)?



  1. Haha Manning was always a beast in Madden. I remember in the older games he was the only bot controlled QB who would ever call audibles or do anything cool pre snap.

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