Xbox One Patch Will Improve Graphical Performance

The Xbox One’s graphical capabilities have come under fire after the announcement of certain games running at a lower frame rate on Microsoft’s machine than the PS4 versions. According to Hot Hardware, an upcoming patch is expected to lower the GPU requirements of the Kinect and increase the overall graphics processing for the machine. 

Currently, Microsoft has asked developers to set aside 10% of the GPU for Kinect processing with 8% being set aside for video and 2% for audio. The reported patch will free up the 8% reserved for video, reducing the processing assigned for Kinect to 2%.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition rekindled some of the ridiculousness of the “console wars” because of the difference in frame rate between the two versions of the game. The PS4 is boasting an impressive 60fps, while the Xbox One is only at 30fps, but how much difference does this actually make? The folks at Digital Foundry have released an impressive video showcasing exactly what the frame rate is for each version, at any given moment.


You might notice that even though the PS4 has a much higher average in fps, it also has drastic drops that appear to make the game look very choppy. The human eye is less likely to notice a difference with a consistent frame rate. Even though the Xbox One is only running at 30fps, it appears to look slightly smoother because of it’s more steady frame rate. I hate stoking the fan-boy fire, but if you look closely at the edges of characters, especially in this still of Lara’s Face, you’ll notice that the Xbox One version actually looks much smoother. The Ps4 has very sharp and noticeable edges.

Personally, I’m really tired of all these graphical comparison videos and images. The differences are typically so minimal it’s not even worth mentioning. I honestly believe both versions of the game look amazing. There will never come a time when I’ll ever be playing the same game side-by-side, on the same tv, with two different consoles. I hope this patch helps alleviate some of the technical gripes consumers have with the Xbox One. Looking at resolution and frame rate alone makes the decision very black and white, but there are many other factors that need to be incorporated to make a educated opinion.

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  1. Graphical differences between the consoles have never really bothered me. When buying a new console graphics is generally not something high on my list of concerns. That being said; my number one concern is the exclusives. I am really looking forward to The Order: 1886 and Infamous: Second Son.

    1. I feel the same way. Exclusives are always what sell me on a console. Infamous and The Order both look incredible, but I’m more excited about Below, Quantum Break and Fable Legends.

    2. That’s how I see it too. why worry about the graphics when it’s the games that really matter. Exclusives should be the only reason for console debates in my opinion. “Forza VS Gran Turismo” now that there is a topic. and Mileson you are right. the drop in frames is more noticeable than a steady frame rate. Anyone that plays on pc and have had to lower a games graphical setting so get better FPS can relate to that.

  2. If I was so concerned about console power, I wouldn’t have invested in a Wii U first. The comparisons are pretty ridiculous and it’s already starting this whole “xbox one is already showing its age” nonsense. It’s been out for 2 months. Give devs some time to get used to things.

    1. Seriously, first gen games always look amazing at first, but give the devs some time to get familiar with a system and the last gen games of the PS3/360 were incredible.

      1. Exactly. Compare the first Uncharted game with the third and they are worlds part graphically even though they are on the same hardware. Game engines will get optimized and improved as well as developers using resources better.

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