Final Fantasy XIII Story Trailer-ish

ffxiii 16bit logo

HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME! Square Enix has just released the story, so far, of Final Fantasy XIII redone in glorious 16-bit graphics. It’s a nice refresher for the upcoming Lightning Returns and a nice little cliff notes of the story for those of us (like me) that skipped Final Fantasy XIII-2 and never finished Final Fantasy XIII. Check it out:

And, yes. Yes, you did see Ultros.

ultros ffXIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out February 11th.






  1. With Lightning Returns being more action-oriented and open world, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least curious about it. I couldn’t stomach XIII enough to finish it, either. I think I made it to where you finally get control of Fang and then gave up.

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