Get Your Gladiatorial Fix with Ryse: Son of Rome – The Fall

Based on the Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome, The Fall is a four part live action film that proves one thing – not all game-based films have to suck.

I’ll admit that when Microsoft mentioned a live action Halo series back at E3 2013, I groaned a bit, but after watching The Fall I’m actually excited to see how they run with it.

What did you guys/gals think? Marius is a bit scrawnier than his in-game counterpart, but I thought the acting was convincing and it stayed true to the game itself. It reminds me a lot of the Spartacus series, with the contrasting colors and its method of storytelling.

If you haven’t played Ryse: Son of Rome yet, check out our review for more insight and actual gameplay footage uploaded directly from our own game DVR!



  1. Why is it that whenever Film portrays Romans they always have thick English accents. For once I would like to see them with Italian accents, like the rude pizza delivery guy…”Eh! Va fangul… I’ma, gonna kill yu!”

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