Nerd Wars! What Would Make You Love the Wii U?

Nintendo is struggling. Their latest console, the Wii U, is consistently producing abysmal sales numbers. Investors are becomingly increasingly worried as Nintendo stocks drop and Sony and Microsoft’s continue to rise. Should Nintendo abandon the Wii U and just start from scratch? For this week’s round of Nerd Wars! we want to know what, if anything would make you love Nintendo’s new console. 

A number of us at What’s Your Tag? supported the Wii U early on. We’re huge Nintendo fans and we were excited to see our favorite franchises in glorious high definition, but after a year of watching numerous games skip the Wii U and multiple game delays from Nintendo, our support began to falter. Now our Wii U’s are nothing more than dusty roommates to our Xbox One’s

Where is the extensive library of Virtual Console titles we were promised? When are we getting a new Zelda? When are we finally going to be able to play Super Smash Bros? Where are the new IP’s? These are the burning questions all Nintendo fans are asking themselves right now. Marketing was only a small factor in the poor execution of the Wii U business model. Lack of education and knowledge of the competition is proving to be Nintendo’s biggest weakness.

So when we ask “What would make you love the Wii U?”, think about it very carefully. Deep down we know something is missing from Nintendo. How can they recapture the magic we once knew?



  1. If I was going to consider a Wii U, I think the fact that my parents don’t understand what it is is a major obstacle. The lack of new IP (I don’t enjoy Mario games generally, and almost everything else seems gimmicky), and the fact that my Wii went unused after only a few months is a telling sign that Nintendo need to do more.

    1. I totally agree. I worked in an electronics department when the Wii U launched and I was asked on a daily basis, by parents “What is the Wii U exactly?” So many people that is was simply an add-on for the Wii.

      Nintendo also desperately needs some new IP’s.

  2. A lot of Nintendo’s franchises have either started to be unappealing to me or have been outdone by someone else, so I agree with needing a new IP or refreshing old ones. They could really, really use a solid first party RPG like a new Earthbound, a rail shooter like Star Fox and I was severely disappointed when Retro decided to do yet-another DK over Metroid when DKC just released for the Wii about a year before the announcement. We already had a solid 2D platformer with NSMBU (although it was nowhere near the Mario we were looking for). I’m also not a big Pikmin or Mario Kart fan. They’re running to the well too often.

    Bayonetta 2 looks solid, and I’m sure I’ll invest 100+ in X just like I did with Xenoblade. Until I actually see any sort of footage of a new Metroid or Zelda, these are the only two things I’m even excited about on the Wii U. My Wii library is pretty hefty, but in the year I’ve had my Wii U, I only have 2 games sitting on my shelf right now.

  3. I grew up on Nintendo, SNES, and N64. After this time they started to fall of for me. Don’t get me wrong, the Gamecube was a good system, and the Wii was an amazing gimmick but now it’s time to buckle down a get serious again.

    At one time Nintendo was the pioneer and the leader but now they seem more like a toy company then a serious gaming company. It’s time to create a system that hangs with the big boys, I take that back, beats the big boys and spruces up with some new IP ( as everyone else has stated). I’d like to see some more mature, thought provoking material (maybe a Metroid that feels more like Dead Space, Mass Effect, or Halo – without being those). I’d also love to find a company that makes great exclusives just for their system, besides their own releases.

    There is quite a lot that Nintendo needs to do but the question that you must ask is, are they willing to change?

    1. For a while they seemed far too stubborn to change. There ways were working and the Wii proved that, but then Microsoft and Sony cranked it to 11 and started widening the gap between next-gen and Nintendo. The team working on the online features for the Wii U “wasn’t familiar with Xbox Live or Playstation Network.” How do you compete against something you don’t even understand?

      1. It’s very true. I hope they can recover better than say Microsoft when Apple stepped their game up (mobile, cloud, mp3). Sure that’s apples and oranges but Nintendo is hopefully awake.

        If love to see a return to form but I think Nintendo needs to change their culture from the top down to do so. No single player will ever hold the reigns like they did in the 8&16 bit days.

  4. I…need to have my fix of Star Fox. I was really hoping the Wii would provide but alas. Another disappointment steming from the Wii was the near deathgrip Nintendo had on embracing their tried and true first party formulas rather than given third parties any considerable weight.

    Despite overall being considered as a weak console, the Gamecube gave us loads of fun games outside of Nintendo’s first party line up. RE4 and the Star Wars Rogue Squandron series bein particular highlights for me.

    Even some of their usual franchises took some drastic leaps in different directions and that led to (in my eyes anywho since it isn’t exactly a public majority opinion here) gold like Star Fox: Adventures and Super Mario Sunshine along with critical successes like Luigi’s Mansion and the Metroid Prime series.

    But the Wii and in turn the Wii U seem to kinda revert and go back to their classic 2D scrolling roots what with all the Mario games (with the exception of Galaxy and the usual gimicky staples like Party, Kart, etc) and the upcoming Donkey Kong, Kirby, Yoshi, etc titles.

    It’s not necessarily a bad thing mind you. Gameplay is solid, but formulatic. Nintendo is teetering on the fence and in danger of slipping into the mantra of Activision with Call of Duty. The statement alone is sure to cast some fires in the depths of the most passionate Nintendo fans, but the essentials of games like New Super Mario Bros Wii, New Super Mario Bros Wii U, and ilk like that really don’t have as big of an astounding leap in gameplay from one iteration from the next. Different geography sure, but the motions are all the same. The key difference is that there’s significant amount of time between each title that fatigue won’t be as likely to set in like with an annual series.

    And how consoles and handhelds become closer and closer is another aspect Nintendo is failing to capitalize on. Probably one of the most eagerly awaited sequels they’ve had on the back burner for quite some time, Luigi’s Mansion, gets regulated to the 3DS. Again solid gameplay aside, Nintendo isn’t capitalizing on the fact that they have the means on their Wii U to do so much much much more than what they were already able to achieve on a gameplay level with the Gamecube.

    Instead they’re using their tech to put out quality titles so close to their original incarnations that whilst great, will only stick to those who are in love with the brand and only want nothing more than to wrap their hands on every extension on a whim. While that’s fantastic for retaining player base it’s absolutely horrible in attracting new consumers or retaining those who don’t necessarily feel as attached to every single game of a particular Nintendo franchise.

    Sales numbers of the Wii software are rather telling enough as it is. For a console that sold tens of millions and drove the world nuts over the desire to have one you would think that software records would be earth shattering every step of the way. Instead, our highlights go to these massive launch parties and record breaking events held by games like the Halos, the Call of Dutys, etc. Initially strange when you look at Nintendo’s sales figures when a game like New Super Mario Bros Wii and Mario Kart 7 sell in the tens of millions…then you look at the other hit franchises like the Zeldas and other different Mario titles barely hitting eight million. Some going even less. And the little astrik on Nintendo’s site just hits you when the realization comes about that they count their bundled video games as legitimate full priced sales.

    The much lower sales of key Nintendo titles were already indicative of what Wiii U’s fanbase would be like once the Wii fad went away, and it looks like it’s the same fanbase currently buying Wii U’s and software for it. While it’s obviously not a precise measure and as the rule of thumb goes with correlation and causation not necessarily being connected, there is still a blatantly large gap between the number of Wiis sold, and the software that was sold throughout its lifetime, and the numbers aren’t in favor of majority owners goin out of their way to support stand alone first party releases. Yet with the Wii U, the numbers of key first party titles being sold next to actual Wii U’s are pretty darn close relatively speaking…

    Yes one could point out that it can be awhile for a console to hit its stride, but at this point it’s not a matter of it being okay in the long run since Nintendo needs some uplifting content that draws attention in the short run of 1-3 years. Otherwise their console side of things will likely go belly up by the end of this generation.

    There’s more to be said…more precise and accurate statistics and data to be pointed out, but I just wanted to quickly air out my frustrations due to a lack of Star Fox more than anything.

  5. Nintendo needs to market the Wii u better and more. The Wii u has the hardware to play decent games and even though it isn’t as good as Xbox live or pan, it has an online, AND ITS FREE! It also already has a quite impressive library of games. But nobody takes it seriously.

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