The Elder Scrolls Online Trailer

ESO online

There’s a new epic cinematic trailer out for The Elder Scrolls Online. The new MMO, for people that felt Skyrim was too constricted, also has a crazy new “Imperial Edition” coming out. Check out the trailer:

In the physical “Imperial Edition” you get a pretty sweet looking “Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel” as well as a map, a 12″ Molag Bal statue, and a host of digital content. Those that pre-order the PC or Mac digital versions (standard or “Imperial”) also get a 5 day early access bonus.


The Elder Scrolls Online comes out April 4 for PC and Mac and sometime in June for the PS4 and Xbox One.

(h/t Kotaku)



  1. I was so amped up to get this on Xbox One until they confirmed they weren’t allowing cross-platform play like they did with XI on the 360. All my MMO buddies are getting it for PC =\

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