Dead Island is February’s First Games With Gold on Xbox Live


Want to craft a bunch of combo weapons and bash in the skulls of the walking dead with your friends? Dead Rising 3 has been available for 2 months and you should probably get on that. But if you’re still rocking the Xbox 360 and want to explore another open world for free, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download another solid option with Dead Island starting tomorrow.


If you’re not familiar with Dead Island, you’re one of a few survivors left on the tropical island of Banoi. You can band together with 3 friends online or take the fight to the zombies yourself, but it’s definitely designed with bro-op in mind. Banoi is a massive world that’s fun to explore while you and your friends craft weapons, run zombies over with trucks and customize your playstyle for each of the four available characters. It’s a first-person survival horror RPG, and that should be enough to peak anyone’s interest.

Games With Gold rewards Xbox Live Gold subscribers with free downloads of a bigger release from the 1st to the 16th of each month, then changes to a smaller indie title for the remainder. It’s similar to Playstation Plus, but rather than only having the license to play a game while your subscription is running, you actually own any game you download through Games With Gold, even if you decide to cancel Xbox Live.

With February being a short month, I’m not exactly sure when Dead Island will switch over, but the next game in line is the tactical shooter Toy Soldiers: Cold War.



  1. Bought this game back when it was £20 and couldn’t really fault it, it’s a bit glitchy here and there, but that just adds to the fun of it. Definitely worth the download even if you just fancy setting a few zombies on fire!

    1. I agree. I made the mistake of buying the PS3 version which lags a hell of a lot more than the 360 version. I made it to the 3rd zone of Banoi and the lag and glitches were so bad I couldn’t stand to play it anymore. I actually JUST traded it in yesterday to get more Xbox One stuff, so getting a free download of the better version is a plus. Plus I laugh every time “Who Do You Voodoo, Bitch?” comes on.

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