The Daily Clip: Jill! You We’re Almost a.. Cop Sandwich.


In today’s edition of The Daily Clip, we play a nice game of cops and racers in Need For Speed: Rivals. How many cops does it take to bust an illegal street racer? Two, apparently. One to chase him down, and the other to drive aimlessly until they collide head on. Book ’em, Danno!

Did you notice that part at the end there, where after we sandwich the guy we just drive off and go our separate ways? I’m thinking about putting a “missed connection” ad on Craigslist for them. It would probably read something like..

“You were the officer doing their job, chasing the bad guys. I was the one texting and driving (the cop, not the racer). Together we busted some asshole on the highway going 140 mph. Let’s have coffee.”

But yeah, racing and stuff. Vroom!

We hope you enjoyed today’s edition of The Daily Clip. Be sure to check back every day for more great videos straight from our Xbox One Game DVR.



    1. Definitely. We try to post a clip from one of our Xbox One DVR’s daily to keep things interesting, and the best moments are usually these WTF once-in-a-lifetime captures..

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