Candy Crush Tyrant
Recently King, the developer responsible the overly successful mobile game Candy Crush Saga, took legal action against Stoic Studios in an attempt to block the trademark for their latest game, The Banner Saga. King has trademarked the words “candy” and “saga” to “protect it’s intellectual properties.” Now any title, big or small, shall be subject to the rule King’s pack of powerful attorneys.

Candy Crush Saga and other simplistic mobile titles are the reason serious games with great production are being forgotten or dismissed by developers and publishers. Why spend time and effort on something new and innovative when you can simply pump out a generic puzzle game with bright colors and memorable catchphrases? They are cheaper to produce and typically yield higher profit margins.

If you care about the video game industry as a whole, you will remove Candy Crush Saga and Flappy Bird from you phone or tablet and never speak of them again. Supporting these mediocre time-sinks is destroying everything you love about gaming. King is a company fueled completely by greed. There is no passion in what they do, just profit.


Written by What's Your Tag?

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      1. Not all the time, sometimes you give them five stars because it’s a quest in an iOS game that you need to do to proceed… like the time-sink my wife is playing now.

      2. Oh man. Those are the worst. Mobile gaming freemium models might be the worst thing to happen to games. I’d much rather pay $4.99 for a complete experience than have to get my Facebook friends to pitch in to help me continue playing.

    1. Hahaha I grew up with Dungeon Keeper, but I decided to ditch EA ever since the Simcity fiasco, it was the last straw, and I have the fact that I didn’t keep any app they ever made more than 2 hours to prove it. BTW, I think the 5 star reviews are bought and not real, because RTS is supposed to be games for smart people, and nobody with a brain would rate this shit 3 stars let alone 5.

    1. Thank you, kind sir.

      It’s pretty disheartening to see publishers given the right to copyright any single word. It just goes to show how flawed the legal system in the US really is.


    1. Why should we allow a company to trademark a single word? It would be like Darigold trademarking “milk,” so any company that wants to use milk in it’s name or milk to represent it’s product must jump through a series of legal hoops. It’s absurd.

      1. I agree- that would be totally absurd and very bad for businesses. Fortunately, trademark law has clear precedent against giving protection to generic or descriptive marks like that. Of course, we let companies “trademark a single word” all the time: Xerox, Velcro, Google, Frisbee. But we don’t let them trademark every word: Milk, Candy, Game. Trademark law is a developed, robust area of law. It still has room for growth in the 21st century, but there is a wealth of literature and history to help us understand current issues.One foundational case is

        For more information about trademark law and the Candy Crush legal effort, I recommend the blog post I wrote on it a few weeks ago:

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